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Fandazzlerz specializes in creating high-quality custom branded products that people love.

Fan culture is huge across North America — and it’s a big business. From sports fans to supporters of causes and any kind of special event, people boldly and enthusiastically share their passions. We’ve zeroed in on how to help them do it with FAN-fare.

Fandazzlerz Body Stickers and Litez LED badges are designed with the performance, affordability, safety and creativity consumers crave. We work with wholesalers throughout the U.S.A. and Canada to efficiently and affordably deliver customized products, on short turn-around times, so you and your retail partners can respond quickly to shifts in consumer demand.

As our wholesale partner, you can expect:

- Competitive pricing 

- Exclusive customized designs

- Quick production times on custom orders

- Reasonable minimum order quantities

- Highest quality and unique products

With this approach, you can purchase a variety of designs for your retail partners without the risk of taking on excess quantities of product.

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